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Why Magnets?

Magnetic roll-out

Magnetic energy is a fundamental part of the Universe. Earth itself is a giant magnet, with negative and positive poles (the north and south poles). Humans have always lived within this magnetic field. Over the past few centuries, our civilization has developed and brought structures and machines that have disrupted the flow of the natural energy around us.

Using a magnetic roller along the spinal column to aid in increasing circulation, relieve stress, tension and tired sore muscles. Roll-outs help you feel relaxed and refreshed, much like a massage.

Magnets can do so much, including reducing pain in the joints, increase healing time on cuts, bruises and even insect bites, and they are very good for increasing the circulation for those with neuropathy in the feet or hands. I have a magnetic topper on top of my therapy table so the client gets the benefits of magnets as well during their session.

Types of magnetic therapy or products available:

A total sleep system, from a pillow, mattress topper and even blankets which help to keep your body at the perfect temperature. The sleep system does many things including help you sleep more soundly, increases your blood flow and circulation, thus making you feel more energetic and stamina, and also works on your physical self by helping to make your joints feel less achy, and helps with acid reflux. So many things, the list goes on and on!

Insoles for your shoes. They help stimulate the feet and body, and are great for neuropathy, as well as increased energy and flexibility.

Bracelets and necklaces. An easy way to take advantage of the magnets.

Patches. Offered in 4 sizes from tiny pea size to a 5 x 7 size. Each size is in a different strength and can be used over and over for all sorts of things.

Braces and supports. Offered for different areas of the body. The braces offer 100% magnetic coverage as well as far-infrared technology.

Water system. A great way to not only get ph consistency, but also removes toxins from your current water and adds minerals, as well as it is magnetized. There are several systems available to fit all budgets, and they all do the same great job.

Many other products are available from skin care, to vitamins and supplements, air purifiers, cushions for yourself and pet, and much more.

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