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Jann is very knowledgeable about many different healing modalities. She emanates a calming soft healing energy that is very helpful to others - be they human or non- human. She is a wonderful healer and advocate for health and wellness of all of God's creatures. I have known her for several months now and have very much enjoyed talking with her and learning from her about energy work and natural healing methods. I would highly recommend anyone to go see her and get a session with her.

Angela Whitefeather

I was introduced to Jann in January of 2009 when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer with metasisies to my abdomin, cecum and liver. I was devastated to hear the doctors prognosis of DOOMED! Jann started distant Reiki on me and although I had started traditional treatments of chemo, it was not healing healthy or together! While Jann worked on me there were significant improvements in not only my overall condition, but my tumors disappeared!! The doctors had not expected this. I decided to go strickly with alternative healings and could write a book on all the work she has done on me with Reiki, tapping, forgiving myself, accepting myself, and her advice on a high alkalinity diet to fight off the cancer. My husband was never a believer in this stuff, but now thanks to Jann and her work with me, he is. She is truly gifted and I can never thank her enough, and I will continue to stay on my regimen and stay healthy. I look forward to meeting her soon.

Trish Jenkins

Rocky Ford, Colorado

I thank you for your loving support, understanding and wisdom. I also thank you for honoring yourself as a Healer and being available to those of us who need you. I am blessed by knowing you. I look forward to our next meeting.



Thank you Jann, We are especially grateful for the timing on your sessions with mom because today Dr. Manton recommended that we put her on Hospice. We hope she can make her choice before that happens. Much love and gratitude, Shelly and Julie

Shelly & Julie

Grateful for transitioning work

I met Jan a few years back. Our meeting was a divine connection. She actually gave me a number of another caring person (practitioner) to help me with my questions/issue. She did not let EGO get in the way, she actually sent me to someone she felt at the time was more qualified to help me. By her connecting me with this other person it helped my family actually get connected with yet someone else who helped us tremendously for many years. I knew then she wasn't out for herself, she truly wanted to make sure I was connected to the source I needed at that time. Since then I have had a couple sessions with Jan. I love her calming, direct, honest spirit. She really cares about all her clients and checks on them several times after a session to see how they are doing. She most recently helped my daughter and Granddaughter with tapping. Jan is the real deal. She is compassionate, caring, gifted person who I'm honored to call my friend. I feel blessed to have her in my life..


I have known Jann for almost 20 years. We lived near each other and created a meditation group that met weekly for over a year before I moved East with my family. Jann is one of those rare individuals that loves to share her knowledge and is willing to work with you to better understand yourSelf. She is intuitive, generous, an amazing friend who stands by you no matter what. She uses her healing ability and taps into those areas that others seem unable to address. Her work is exemplary and I am honored to call her my teacher and friend.

Dawn Williams

Jann is an extraordinary human being with an unbelievable healing touch who has helped me, a number of my friends, acquaintances, and even pets overcome health conditions and emotional crisis that no other health practitioners were able to control and/or reverse. I am profoundly indebted to her for all she has done and what she is currently doing with her highly inspired and careful guidance in my path of recovery. Thank you Jann for your healing work!


I love the "Health Tips" page! I never knew the spices and the cider mentioned were so powerful. The great thing is they are natural and probably in my spice cabinet right now! Anything that keeps me from having to see a doctor or paying ridiculous prices for medications is like money in my pocket. Thanks for adding to my health AND wealth Jann, you're the best!!


Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher

When my wife first took REIKI, of course she wanted to work on everyone and everything! At the time we were taking Country Western dance lessons and our first big dance was a week away. So, when I broke my ankle, she was thrilled!! After working on me all week and saying "lets see if this really works", the cast came off, and we danced! Amazing and quite a shock to everyone! Over the years Reiki has been used for many things from rattlesnake bite, clearing up my emphysema, bad cuts, to starting the car. The list goes on and on. Thank goodness for REIKI!

Dennis Holden


I met Jann at a New Age class we were taking in Tracy, CA. Many things were discussed at this class and when I found out Jann did healing work, I decided to give it a try. I had itchy red legs that I had been seeing a doctor about, for 10 years. After several sessions with her, not only did my legs clear up, but a lot of emotional stress was released.

Beth Minor

San Jose, CA.

I called Jann after hearing about her from a friend. My husband was 38 years old, we had 4 little girls, and he had only been given a short time to live due to lung cancer. He had a large tumor on his right shoulder that left his arm totally useless, he couldn't even raise it. Jann worked on him one time and the life came back into his eyes, and he was able to move his arm. Jann continued to work on him daily, however, he passed away a short time later, but peacefully, pain free and in acceptance and at ease with his cancer and knowing he was going to die. I will always be thankful for the help she gave him and our family.

Dee Stein

Tracy, CA

God has really blessed Jann with the gift of healing! I was suffering from severe migraines 24/7 for over a year. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong and I was taking a lot of medications that didn't work. Jann did a tapping session on me, and the pain was gone instantly! No joke! I could feel relief in my eyes and face. I even said "its gone, its gone!" I did get a slight headache the next day, and we tapped again. My headaches have been completely gone ever since and its about 4 years. Thank you God, and thank you Jann!

Judy Whetstone

niece, San Diego, CA

My wife and I owned a horse that was having trouble walking stemming from the rear leg. After consulting a vet, we were told it had developed bone spurs in one rear leg and surgery was the only option. Jann started working on him, and in a short time, he was doing really well. We had an x-ray done on him, and the bone spurs were gone! The vet couldn't understand this. We were very happy and again able to ride our horse. Thank you Jann for all your work.

Bob & Kathy Anderson

Livermore, CA

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