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TURMERIC (curcumin)

One of my favorite supplements! This is an herb many of you may recognize in things such as pickles, or a seasoning for many Eastern dishes. Its a golden yellow. In ancient times it was know to be more valuable than gold!!! It is extremely powerful in fighting inflammation (arthritis & joint pain), it boosts the immune system, betters the functions of the brain, helps fight depression & Alzheimers, lowers the risk of heart disease, and it is also known to help fight cancer. It can be taken in either capsule form or if your grocery store carries it, in the raw form, organic of course. I suggest at least 800 mg a day.


They say almost 90% of the population is lacking this important mineral. Magnesium deficiency can contribute to many health problems and diseases such as heart disease, fibromyalgia, stroke, diabetes, and infertility.

Below are some common signs of being deficient in it:

Acid reflux, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, PMS, high blood pressure, constipation, migraines, morning sickness, IBS, insomnia, kidney stones, & seizures, Crohns disease, bone & tooth health, muscle stiffness & cramps, MS, acidity, blood sugar levels.

Minimal amount is 400 mg per day, but you may need to increase that if you have any of the above symptoms. You normally cannot obtain enough thru diet alone. It comes in capsule, oil and flake form.


The sunshine vitamin. Most often overlooked! However with all the pollutants in the air, I do not think we can get enough of this from just the sun. Signs of being deficient can include:

High blood pressure, depression, mood swings, muscular skeletal disorders (such as lower back pain), brittle bones, arthritis, muscle weakness, macular degeneration, diabetes, fibromyalgia, MS to mention a few.

Minimal amount suggested s 2000 to 5000 IU per day, ideally 10,000!


Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is made from nutritious, organically grown apples and retains many beneficial components because raw apple cider vinegar is not pasteurized. ACV undergoes two fermentation processes where it produces enzymes and life giving nutrients that make apple cider vinegar the powerhouse it is.


It is a source of potassium and calcium. It can help to provide stronger bones & teeth, helps maintain healthy ph levels, helps with hair loss, dandruff, high blood pressure and glucose levels, joint pain, skin conditions, improves bowel movements, indigestion, runny noses & allergies & more.

It is also good for your pets to help control fleas and allergies as well.

1 to 2 teaspoons in a glass of water at least once a day.

All health tips are only suggestions for health improvement, I am not a medical doctor

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