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Essential Oils

"Essential Oils address the causes of disease at a cellular level. Essential oils can penetrate the cellular wall and dispel viruses, whereas antibiotics can only kill bacteria outside of the cellular wall. One drop of essential oils contains enough molecules to cover every cell in our bodies. Just one molecule can open a receptor site in our bodies and communicate with the DNA to alter cellular function."

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Essential oil tidbits


There are approximately 4,000 pores on the bottom of our feet. When EOs are applied to the bottom of the feet, the oils hit your blood stream in 26 seconds and goes into your CELLS within 20 minutes. Some researchers report that essential oils may be more readily absorbed from skin locations with greater concentrations of sweat glands and hair follicles, such as the genitals, head, soles, palms, and armpits.

Essential Oils also have energy. Rose essential oil energy has been measured at 320 MHz (the highest). Lavender essential oil is 118 MHz and peppermint essential oil is 78 MHz.

The human body has been measured between 62 - 68 MHz (a healthy human body) while if you have a cold your energy can drop to 58 MHz.

Now here's something of interest: Negative thoughts lower the frequency of essential oils by 12 MHz while positive thoughts raise their frequencies 10 MHz. According to Dr. Steward, prayer raises frequency levels by 15 MHz. So, you can see why anointing took place with prayer in biblical times. Information paraphrased from Healing Oils of the Bible, by David Stewart PhD.

Another interesting thought for coffee lovers: Holding a cup of coffee lowers your body's frequency 8 MHz; drinking that cup lowers your body's frequency by 14 MHz. It can take three days to recover and bring the body's frequency back up to 62 - 68 MHz. If you drink coffee daily, your body's frequency will constantly be in the lower ranges (the range of illnesses), unless you do something to raise these levels. The simplest and easiest way to get your energy levels back into a healthy range is by sniffing a therapeutic grade EO right out of the bottle.

Final tidbit you should know: Cancer can begin to take off in our bodies when our frequency drops below 42MHz. Death begins at 25 MHz.

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